GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Local injury prevention coordinator Kelley Miller told News 8 that many easily avoidable injuries occur during the holiday season.

“When we’re gathering for the holidays, there are often so many adults and many children, and everybody has the perception that somebody else is keeping an eye out for those little ones,” Miller said.

Miller said many times when gathering at someone else’s home, the house itself is not child or baby-proofed to the standards you have at home. She stressed the importance of locking all doors, including dog doors, turning boiling pot handles out of reach of toddlers and sorting through any possible choking hazards or small toys.

“The majority of fires from dried-out Christmas trees happen after Christmas,” she said. “Make sure that until you remove it from the house, you are keeping it water, and you’re keeping it alive. Because the dryer you get, the more of a risk you are posing.”