GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A Grand Haven company behind the ‘He Gets Us’ ad campaign is spending millions of dollars on two ads that will air during the Super Bowl.

Haven previewed the ads at an event Wednesday night in Grand Rapids.

According to the campaign’s website, ‘He Gets Us’ is a movement to “reintroduce people to the Jesus of the Bible.”

Organizers say they want to unify the American people around Jesus and his teachings.

The 'He Gets Us' Super Bowl ads were previewed at an event in Grand Rapids.
The ‘He Gets Us’ Super Bowl ads were previewed at an event in Grand Rapids.

You may have already seen some of their ads that have run during national sporting events, promoting messages like “Jesus was wrongly judged” and “Jesus welcomed all to the table.”

“When you think about being in front of 115 million people — it’s like you’re here tonight, we’re talking because of the Super Bowl — and so all of our audiences are so excited about knowing that Jesus is going to be in the Super Bowl, it creates so much energy,” Jason Vanderground, the president of Haven, said. “The Super Bowl is literally a kickoff thing for people. It’s not like you’re reaching the finish line and going, ‘We’re in the Super Bowl, that’s it, great, let’s pack up and go home.’ It’s the start of something and that’s what we want people to know about.”

It’s unclear exactly how much the group spent on the ad buy, but estimates show a 30 second ad spot went for $7 million this year.