GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Days after Harmony Brewing’s owners announced plans to close Harmony Hall in October, a new business is getting ready to move into the Grand Rapids space.

Moonshine producer Sip Shine plans to open its first tasting room and restaurant inside the storefront on the corner of Bridge Street and Stocking Avenue NW.

Sip Shine Marketing Director Nick Rice says buying the property was a quick business move that started less than a month ago.

“We found out there was going to be an opportunity to grab this location. We knew we wanted to be on the west side but couldn’t have dreamt up a more perfect location,” he stated in an email to News 8.

Sip Shine says its Nashville-style Sip Shine Lounge “will bring a new one-of-a-kind experience to the downtown nightlife” on the city’s West Side.

“It will be a big change to the west side,” Rice said.

The tasting room will be located on the first floor and serve only spirits in their original form. A Sipe Shine employee will guide visitors through the tasting experience by explaining the origin and flavor of each spirit.

The second-floor restaurant will build on the experience with cocktails and Nashville-inspired dishes, as well as a themed specialty food menu each week.

Grand Rapids-based Sip Shine was founded in 2019. Managing partner Kyle Search says a family trip to Tennessee inspired him “to create an easier sipping shine with great lakes region inspired sweetness,” the business website states.

“Our moonshines are not what you think of moonshine from the back woods. We have flavors everyone can enjoy without the burn such as Razz-berry shineade, Peppermint Mocha, Watermelon (Chillade), Arnold Shine, Shineberry Sweet Tea, and Caramel Apple,” Rice explained.

Sip Shine also produces flavored whiskeys and a blended whiskey called Gannett Peak Whiskey.

As part of the move, Sip Shine is partnering with Wise Men Distillery to move its spirits production back to West Michigan.

“Sip Shine is committed to sourcing the highest quality Michigan ingredients and this partnership will allow us to continue to produce the best possible product for our customers while also supporting our hometown economy,” the company stated in a news release.

“This partnership is a great example of two local businesses coming together on a national scale to create jobs and support the local economy,” added Tom Borisch, general manager and partner of Wise Men Distillery.

Rice said Sip Shine is also looking into partnering with local distilleries for a distillery tour once its new location is open.

Sip Shine expects to start spirit production in Michigan this month. Renovations to its new tasting room and restaurant will start as soon as Harmony Hall ends its operations in the space this fall. If all goes well, the Sip Shine Lounge will open next spring.