GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Grand Rapids Public Schools held a town hall meeting Tuesday, the first of 11 that will focus on potential downsizing in the district.

The district said it has too many buildings for the number of students enrolled. Leaders say closing some will help them refocus taxpayer money on other things, including programs for students.

District leaders went over their “facilities master plan” Tuesday evening and asked for input from the community.

GRPS Superintendent Leadriane Roby said she wasn’t surprised by any of the feedback or questions she heard.

“We’ve been having these conversations,” she told News 8. “As I visit schools and talk with community members and talk with staff and scholars, I hear the same kind of things. It’s like, ‘We want to have the very best schools for our district … what does that take? What do we to do?’ And so people are really engaged in that … Grand Rapidians love their district and they want the very best for their district.”

A full schedule of the meetings can be found at There is also a community survey open until Oct. 20.

The town hall meeting scheduled for Wednesday at Westwood Middle School was canceled due to a power outage.