GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Immediately after his arrest in the dismemberment of a woman’s body in his home, Jared Chance seemed oddly calm, police videos obtained Wednesday by Target 8 show.

He yawned in the back of a police car, then engaged a Grand Rapids Police Department officer in small talk in an interrogation room while waiting for detectives.

It was a startling contrast to what police had already found in his southeast side apartment building the evening of Dec. 2: the partial remains of Ashley Young, 31, of the Kalamazoo area.

She had been missing for three days.

The videos also revealed more about Chance’s visit to GRPD headquarters hours before the body was discovered and why he was allowed to leave.

>>Police video: Arresting Jared Chance

Heavily armed officers went to his apartment, 922 Franklin St. SE, with a search warrant, tipped off by Chance’s downstairs neighbor about a bloody tarp in the basement.

“It’s laying like on the last three to four steps of the stairs going down into the basement,” one of the officers said. “There’s clearly blood running from the tarp.”

Shortly after the discovery, police arrested Chance, 29, in his upstairs apartment.

Back at the police department, Chance explained why he and his dad had stopped there just hours earlier, before the body was discovered. Lobby video shows it was a visit that lasted about two minutes. It doesn’t show who they talked to.

“We appreciate the fact that you came in earlier and I’m sorry you got turned away,” a detective told him during the interrogation after his arrest.

“Yeah,” Chance responded. “I just came in because I read on Facebook that the last person this person (Ashley Young) was with was me, so I was concerned. I’m trying to get some information.”

He complained about how police treated them during that earlier visit.

“The police officers were just kind of rude with me and my dad,” he said. “He was trying to bring me down here and do the right thing, and just let everyone know, so.”

He denied doing anything wrong.

“My dad just told me, recommended me to just ask for the advice of an attorney, ’cause I really don’t know what the hell is going on,” he said. “I don’t want to like sit here and talk about sh– that may incriminate me, ’cause I don’t know what’s going on. So I just don’t want to say nothing right now.”

A judge has ordered Chance to stand trial on charges that include open murder and mutilation of the victim’s body.

Detectives said they found human flesh and blood throughout Chance’s apartment. They also found remains in a box sitting on the stairwell. DNA testing ultimately confirmed the remains were Young’s.

Forensic pathologist Dr. David Start said he believes Young died from trauma to her head or neck area, possibly from strangulation or smothering. Start believes her body was dismembered after her death. Her head, hands and feet have still not been recovered.

Chance’s parents, James and Barbara Chance, are awaiting trial on charges of perjury and being an accessory after the fact in the crime.

Investigators said they found a bloodstained saw in Chance’s parents’ Holland home. Detectives said they found saw blades, latex gloves and a trash bag in the trash outside Chance’s apartment.