GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Police responded to two different incidents, a shooting and a fight, at Ottawa Hills High School Tuesday. Police say there is no danger to the community.

The Grand Rapids Police Department responded to the school around 8:20 p.m. for reports of a fight either inside or outside of the gym, where a basketball game was taking place, a GRPD spokesperson said.

“The actions tonight are completely out of line with our district’s expectation for the behavior of event-goers at our sporting events,” John Helmholdt, Executive Director of Communications for GRPS said. “We are working with our GRPS Public Safety officials and local law enforcement to investigate this situation and will follow our Student Policy Handbook and all applicable laws regarding disciplinary and legal action.”

GRPD said that by the time officers arrived, several of the fights had already been diffused by school security. But security had also gotten word that there were people in the parking lot with guns.

The basketball game ended early and parents were told to pick students up from the parking lot at a nearby church.

Ultimately, two people were arrested for disorderly fighting and a third for carrying a concealed gun, GRPD said.

While responding to the fight, GRPD was also alerted to a shooting that happened outside of the school in the area of Burton Street and Rosewood Avenue.

Officials say there was property damage to cars and homes in the area of the shooting, and that they found a “significant” amount of shell casings.

No one has been arrested in connection to the shooting, GRPD says.

Officials say there are no reported injuries in either incident and there is no danger to the community.

It is not known if the fights and shooting are connected.

“Once we have more details, we will communicate that with our staff, families, and the public,” said Helmholdt.

Anyone with information about either incident is asked to call GRPD at 616.456.3400 or Silent Observer at 616.774.2345.