GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Grand Rapids Police Department is calling its increased patrols over the weekend a success.

“My officers worked very hard to address the violence and engage residents in a positive way,” GRPD Chief Eric Payne said in a Monday statement.

The department upped patrols after the previous weekend saw 11 people injured in four shootings. GRPD said it was taking a “targeted” approach, promising officers would be operating on details investigators had gathered and looking for specific people and vehicles.

In a breakdown released Monday, GRPD said it had 110 extra officers on the streets between Friday and Sunday, focusing on the evening and night.

“These were officers that were primarily being proactive. They weren’t necessarily responding to calls for service, responding to 911 calls, these were proactive, going out and again using that intelligence form our crime analyst to target this specific violent offender,” GRPD Sgt. Dan Adams explained.

Eighteen people were arrested for misdemeanors and 16 for felonies. Forty traffic stops were conducted, as were 13 field interviews. Police say they confiscated 10 illegal guns. While they provided a list of locations where arrests were made and guns were found, police did not release more details about the crimes.

The department also touted 155 “positive non-enforcement interactions” with neighbors and released a video of an officer running a race with a group of kids as an example.

“They said it was great to get out of the car and be able to focus on the proactive involvement, being able to connect with the community and not go from call to call to call,” Adams said.

“This is the policing Grand Rapids can expect as we move forward and implement our new strategic plan,” Payne stated, referencing the three-year plan that he says will focus on community policing. “Through these efforts, we are committed to making sure everyone in Grand Rapids is safe and feels safe at all times.”

It has been an violent year in Grand Rapids, with 23 homicides already — making this one of the city’s deadliest years ever — and police saying they are seeing more shootings and more bullets fired at scenes.

—News 8’s Heather Walker contributed to this report.