GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The person heading up city hall’s efforts to improve trust and accountability at the Grand Rapids Police Department is looking for a new job.

Office of Oversight and Public Accountability Director Brandon Davis is on the ballot as a circuit judge candidate in Muskegon County. His candidacy comes at a critical time in the city’s attempt to improve relations between police and the community.

“I’m proud of the work of the Office of Oversight and Accountability,” said Davis, who’s become the point person for efforts to improve trust in the GRPD.

He said the Office of Oversight and Public Accountability, which was created in 2019, has come a long way in the last three years.

City commissioners seem to agree: They improved a spending plan that includes an increase in OPA’s budget from just over $400,000 last year to $2.3 million this year. 

The April 4 killing of Patrick Lyoya by former GRPD officer Christopher Schur has added to the urgency of OPA’s mission.

“I’m excited about the initial investment that’s been made into the Office of Oversight and Public Accountability, which will allow us to expand capacity and continue to serve the community well,” Davis said. “I think we’ve done a lot up to this point. But there’s definitely a lot more for us to do.”

But as the work continues, Davis has set his sights on a judgeship in Muskegon County.

He’s one of four candidates set to meet in the August primary that will narrow candidates for a seat on the circuit court to two for the November election.

Campaigns for public office can be a lot of work nut Davis denies his candidacy is impacting his OPA work.

“Campaign does not get in the way of my work. I take the work that I do here very seriously,” Davis said.

He said the mission of the office doesn’t rely on who’s in the director’s office.

“The work that’s being done here will continue, whether I’m in this spot or not,” he said. “I know that our city commission and our city manager are committed to civilian oversight. They’re committed to ensuring we have a strong system.”