GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Fans of Valley Field have been working with the city to renovate Sullivan Field, a historic baseball field on Grand Rapids’ West Side. Next weekend, they’re holding an event to raise money for maintenance and renovations.

Artist Steve Diekman and Paul Soltysiak both played baseball at Sullivan Field. Soltysiak is also the vice president of the Facebook group Fans of Valley Field, which pays tribute to its original name.

The group was originally started to share memories between the almost 3,000 members. When they realized there is so much love for the park, they started a nonprofit, which is looking for volunteers to help with the upkeep.

Diekman says he is differently abled and can’t help with the upkeep but wanted to help. So, he started making paintings of the field and donated them. Next weekend, Diekman will be signing prints of the paintings at an event.

“Paul’s got some very nice prints (of the paintings). He said 50 exclusive prints of each, and I’ll be there to sign,” Diekman said.

Both men say the memories people have at the park are powerful, and they want to see it preserved for years to come.

“People want things like this preserved. You know, it’s historic. It’s very unique to have a wooden grandstand structure in the middle of a neighborhood. I mean, it’s really unique,” Soltysiak said.

The fundraising event is happening April 23 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Lewandoski’s Market, located at 1107 Walker AVE NW. Prints of the paintings will be $15 each.