GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Members of an immigrant activist group took to the streets on Sunday to demand that “all Michigan immigrants have a driver’s license.”

According to the Movimiento Cosecha GR’s Facebook page, the group blocked US-131 to make their voices heard.

“Enough with the politician’s false promises. No longer waiting, Michigan Harvest is rallying to demand papers today, licenses tomorrow,” a Facebook post translated from Spanish said.

Before 2008, anyone in Michigan was eligible for a driver’s license. Now, you need to show that you’re legally in the country to get a Michigan driver’s license.

The group was joined by marches in Washington DC and Boston, Massachusetts, according to the national Movimiento Cosecha’s Facebook page.

The group’s website says that immigrants live in daily fear of being separated from loved ones while driving to work or being left to die in detention centers.

“It’s time to correct this page in history. It’s time to fulfill the promises! It’s time to pay back this historic debt! And that the migrant working community realizes the lies of the president and the political parties, and they face the face and stop the persecution of an undocumented people,” a post translated from Spanish on the national Movimiento Cosecha’s Facebook page said in part.

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