GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Inner City Christian Federation broke ground Wednesday on new apartments on Grand Rapids’ West Side.

The Stockbridge Apartment development sits on the corner of Stocking Avenue and First street, right next to the new Bridge Street Market. At five stories, the building will contain 65 units, including 51 for low- and very low-income households. Thirteen will be market-rate units.

The development adds to ICCF‘s long list of properties meant to stabilize the housing-market for low-income households.

“We’re excited to address that affordable housing crisis. Over the next year, we’ll be building. We’re excited to see this building become home to so many families that are in need of housing,” ICCF CEO Ryan VerWys said. “The new West Side of Grand Rapids is experiencing an incredible reinvestment and what is really unique is that it’s a way our community is saying while that investment is good, we don’t  want it to be at the expense of people being pushed out.”

The Stockbridge development will also contain commercial space owned and operated by Rockford Construction, as well as community space and a kids room available to residents.