GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Grand Rapids Community College is partnering with University of Michigan Health-West to make becoming a nurse more affordable.

Students who have finished one semester of the two-year nursing program at GRCC are eligible to apply for help, the two organizations announced on Tuesday. University of Michigan Health-West  will cover up to three semesters of tuition in exchange for committing to work for the hospital for two years.

“We see this as an investment not just in our workforce but in West Michigan itself,” Dr. Peter Hahn, the CEO of University of Michigan Health-West, said in a release. “This is a way to ensure that the new generation of rising healthcare leaders reflects the communities we serve.”

The program will start next month. The college and hospital are hoping to have 10 to 15 nursing students enrolled in December, and to have 10 students enrolled over the next three following semesters.