GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Administrators at Grand Rapids Community College have waived online course fees for the upcoming semester, making it easier for students to stay safe at home while they learn amid the pandemic. 

This move will save students around $50 for a three-credit class offered online. The school will also further support students by loaning them laptops and wireless hotspots if they need them. 

GRCC is doing this in an effort to make higher learning more accessible in West Michigan for students navigating the coronavirus pandemic remotely while boosting their enrollment numbers as well.

“We’re trying to make higher education as accessible and affordable as we can right now,” Associate Dean of Enrollment Ann Isackson said. “Because so many people are facing really difficult challenges right now and difficult decisions. We want to make sure that we can prepare them for what’s coming next.”

Winter classes start Jan. 11, though you can register for most classes at GRCC through next week.