GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A man was rescued by his fellow fishermen in the Grand River on Thursday, authorities say.

It happened downstream of the 6th Street dam. First responders were called about a person who was unconscious in the water and the Grand Rapids Fire Department water rescue team was dispatched, the city of Grand Rapids said in a release. It said before they got there, the man had been rescued by other fishermen.

A man named Abe was fishing when he saw another angler down in the water, the city said. It said he realized he was in trouble and went to help him. The man was unresponsive with a purple face, Abe told first responders.

Authorities say Abe was able to grab him before he floated into a deeper part of the Grand River. Others then helped him get the man out of the water.

The man was brought to the hospital. His condition is unknown, but the city said he was speaking with first responders before he was put in an ambulance.

“The Grand Rapids Fire Department acknowledges and appreciates the quick actions of the good samaritans who made the best possible outcome for this fisherman’s rescue,” the city said in the release.