GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — If you live in Grand Rapids and you’ve tripped over a jagged sidewalk a time or two, there’s some relief in sight.

The city is poised to spend $900,000 making sure sidewalks will give you a smoother stride. The money will be split evenly, $300,000 each, between the city’s three wards.

The project consists of repairing sidewalks, sidewalk ramps, curbs and gutters. Epic Excavating and Kamminga and Roodvoets, both local companies, will be doing all the work.

The city still has to inspect sidewalks and the worst spots will get the most attention. You notice city inspectors coming by and marking walkways over the coming weeks and months.

The First Ward will get the first round of repairs set for this April and June. The Third Ward will follow between July and August, and finally work will happen in the Second Ward between September and November.

The city says anyone who will get sidewalk repairs across their driveway will get 48 hours’ notice before access to the driveway is shut off while the work is being done. The city also says the time frame for work in front of any home will average about one week.