GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Grand Rapids is partnering with Lime to add electric assist bicycles and more e-scooters to the city Friday.

The partnership will add to its pilot micro-mobility program, which was started in September of 2020 and brought in Spin scooters.

Lime will be bringing in 150 electric assist bicycles and 300 e-scooters Friday, and may add as many as 750 bicycles and scooters depending on demand, Grand Rapids said in a Thursday release.

The pilot program will go until the end of the year, a spokesperson for the city told News 8. At the end of the year, Grand Rapids will re-evaluate the program.

Just like Spin’s app, residents can use the new scooters and bicycles with Lime’s app. For both Spin and Lime, rides are one dollar to unlock and then 25 cents per minute.

Riders must wear a helmet, cannot ride on the sidewalk and cannot use them while under the influence.

They must also park in designated parking zones. More parking zones will soon be added to the city.