GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A top spot for burritos in Grand Rapids is getting a facelift.

Donkey Taqueria announced its plans on Facebook Monday. The Wealthy Street restaurant says it has broken ground on a remodel of the historic former service station it’s called home for nine years.

Donkey Taqueria said the changes “were inspired and motivated” by its experiences during that time. In a building permit application filed with the city Feb. 4, the project was labeled as a building addition with the total project costing an estimated $300,000.

Asked for additional details, Chris Funaro, director of operations for Donkey Taqueria owner All In Hospitality Group, sent the following message to News 8 Wednesday:

“It has been a tough stretch for all service industry professionals, as well as many others. Our team has worked though the ups and downs of the pandemic only to come out on the other side and have a hiring crisis unlike no other we have ever experienced. Plenty of people have their theories of how we got here and plenty of people have their theories of how to resolve it. What we can all agree on is we can’t look at the same problems today as we did before and expect the same result. We need to evolve.

“We’ve decided to reinvest in our space and our employees and to double down on the success that has gotten us to this point. This renovation’s primary goal was to improve the workspace for our team.  Some examples are upgrading and reconfiguring equipment, adding additional heating a cooling elements, and spreading out our kitchen square footage.

“We believe that by reimagining our work environment that it will help us retain our existing employees and attract new employees for years to come. In doing so we will continue to be able to offer this great city our premium product, experience, and hospitality. Happy Staff. Happy Guests.”

Funaro said Donkey Taqueria’s updates also include “some great physical surprises and upgrades” for guests, which the restaurant plans to reveal on its social media pages.

Funaro expects the restaurant to remain open during the majority of the project, which should be complete by mid-June.

Donkey Taqueria is located at 665 Wealthy St. SE in Grand Rapids’ Uptown Neighborhood. The restaurant serves up Mexican street food and claims to have one of the largest tequila and mezcal selections in the Midwest. Earlier this year, Google named Donkey Taqueria the most popular burrito spot in Michigan.

Funaro said Donkey Taqueria is currently hiring for all positions. Those interested are encouraged to visit the restaurant or send their resume to