GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Grand Rapids is asking people to help prevent flooding by making sure the storm drains near their homes are clear.

The city on Wednesday asked people to clear away packed snow and ice from the catch basins. If they get clogged up, they could cause flooding on neighborhood streets as the snow melts in coming days.

After last week’s blizzard dumped a couple of feet of snow on the area, temperatures are forecast to rise. Temperatures should rise into the 40s Thursday and Friday and there may be light rain Thursday.

Grand Rapids has some 17,000 catch basins. The city cleans about 4,000 of those each year. You can join the Adopt-a-Drain program to help keep the Grand River watershed clean.

Ottawa County is also asking residents to clear drains near their homes. You can report a blocked drain in Ottawa County by calling 616.994.4530.