GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The voices of three men representing their choir are as strong as their faith, and their harmonies are as rich as their friendship.

“At the core of it, we’re friends,” said singer Clarence Davis.

Davis and the other musicians have been singing for most of their lives but said gospel music sets the tone for the season.

“That is a special piece of the season, being able to sing about the birth of Jesus,” said singer Evan-Tarence Lauchie.

The men are a part of a choir called DreamStone. Lauchie founded it six years ago.

“It’s a collective of very talented individuals, such as the ones you see here, and we come together to put out content to, you know, help inspire other people,” said Lauchie.

The choir not only ministers to other people, but also encourages themselves.

“If I am feeling sad, then I would sing Kirk Franklin’s ‘Smile’ because that would make me happy,” said Robert Kyle III.

Music is the singers’ key to happiness.

“It always just brings a level of joy and peace, for me, during the Christmas season,” said Davis.

They want everyone to sing the same tune.

“Even if you don’t remember the words, hopefully, you remember how the music made you feel,” said Lauchie.