GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A registered nurse used his medical background to launch a new business that helps other companies get back to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

“The world is turned upside down right now and we want to do our part in putting it back together,” HealthBaar owner Nathan Baar said.

He has a staff of nurses who do on-site temperature and wellness checks. HealthBaar also provides advice on social distancing and sanitation practices, as well as provides personal protection equipment like masks.

Baar’s first client after he opened his business about a week ago was another Grand Rapids company, Tech Defenders, which recycles old devices. CEO Gary VonMyhr said he hired HealthBaar “as an added safety precaution.”

“I think the biggest thing is to give employees peace of mind that they are coming in and feeling safe every day, which for us is a pretty priceless thing to offer,” he said.

Every health precaution in the building has been reviewed by HealthBaar. VonMyhr said that so far, there have been no COVID-19 cases among his employees.

“For us, it’s a $120 per day,” he said of HealthBaar’s fee. “We have almost 100 employees that are coming in here, so you are only talking about a little over a dollar per employee per day to have a professional medical screening.”

He said it’s just part of the cost of doing business in 2020. 

“You have your attorney that you call for legal matters, we even have a labor law specialist, HR,” he said. “A business has never needed to have a medical professional on call.”

Spectrum Health has also created some resources for businesses preparing to return to work, including guides for employers with tips and best practices, a webpage with downloadable sources, and a symptom checker. You can also call the health system’s hotline for employers at 616.486.1075 during regular business hours for questions on PPE, contact tracing, what to do if an employee contracts COVID-19 and more.