GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — If you still haven’t bought that special woman in your life a Mother’s Day card, there’s still time to do it while supporting a woman in Grand Rapids whose own greeting cards are displayed for purchase.

Shannon Cohen started from humble beginnings seven years ago and now her Mother’s Day cards are on shelves at over 1,000 Target stores nationwide, making this the third collaboration with the big box retailer since February 2021.

“It has been mind-boggling to have a product line that started in the basement of our home and now we can go to retail partners and find our cards accessible to the masses and that has always been our heart,” Cohen said.

Cohen told News 8 that the opportunity first came up last year when she was approached about creating cards for Mother’s Day.

American Greetings, the company she’s had a licensing agreement with since 2019, pitched her designs to the store and they were impressed with all five of the designs that she created.

“I’m really excited that as a Black maker, Black creator and Black founder that there are retail partners that are beginning to think critically about representation…not just who’s shopping but whose brands are being represented and accessible to consumers on the shelves,” she said.

Shannon Cohen’s Mother’s Day cards exclusively designed for Target stores nationwide.

She had a line of inspirational cards that debuted in Target during Black History Month last year and she also has stationery cards that have been on display for the last month now.

While these opportunities have been temporary popups, she hopes one day her cards will be on shelves every day of the year.

“I have always been a wordsmith. I have always been an encourager and our product line is the perfect venue and vehicle for merging acumen and interest, ambition and aspiration,” Cohen said.

If you would like to learn more about Cohen and her products, visit her website.