GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A student at Grand Rapids City High Middle School is working to raise awareness about mental health. He started a non-profit organization and is now hoping to expand it beyond his school.

“As humans, we need social interaction,” said junior Saad Umar. “We need to feel involved with our community, but if we’re just scrolling through social media the entire day, we feel disconnected.”

Umar says not enough students are aware about mental health.

“It’s important to educate yourself,” said Umar.

Umar founded the Detox Foundation. The organization focuses on helping young people become healthier.

“It’s more prevalent in high school than like other places,” Umar said. “Through the pandemic, more people have been on social media and less in person with their friends. These students, they listen in comparison and that just leads to so many more problems.”

Umar’s goal is to spread the Detox Foundation to schools all around Grand Rapids. He says the key to healing is making sure people are informed.

“We just want to continue to expand that. Mental health education is out there. You shouldn’t be afraid to reach out to your counselors to different people,” said Umar.

More information about the Detox Foundation can be found on the its website.