GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — After more than two weeks of his dog being missing, a Grand Rapids man is now reunited with his little Chihuahua.

During the same week in 2016, Reuben Ray suffered two strokes plus a kidney failure.

“It was too much … I was breaking down,” Ray told News 8.

His doctor recommended getting an emotional support dog, saying it would help lower his blood pressure and calm him down. Ray brought home a little Chihuahua, naming him D-O-G, O-G for short.

Since then, the dog has kept Ray company in assisted living in downtown Grand Rapids.

“He’s always there,” Ray said. “Just cheers me up. Keeps me in a good mood because sometimes dialysis and kidney failure would get you down. And he saw me through all those years of being on dialysis.”

Ray also finally got a kidney donor earlier this year after more than six years of waiting. He compared it to “getting a whole another chance at life.”

On a Sunday afternoon, Oct. 23, Ray brought his dog along grocery shopping at Ralph’s on Leonard Street. When Ray went inside the store to shop, he left his dog in the car with the window cracked open. He also left the car unlocked. When Ray came back an hour later, his dog was gone.

News 8 spoke with Ray on Nov. 3, when he asked for the community’s help finding O-G.

“I think I would’ve rather lost him in Grand Rapids than any other city,” Ray said. “Because I think here people would at least try to help me find him more so than another city.”

Since then, Ray said he’s received a huge number of calls from people trying to help him find O-G.

“I just don’t know what to say,” Ray said. “It was so much concern. So many people calling, and obviously, look, it worked.”

On Monday, more than two weeks after O-G went missing, Ray’s wish came true. A Grand Rapids woman called News 8 saying she had the dog.

Shortly after O-G disappeared, the woman said she found him hiding underneath a car in an apartment complex parking lot. The woman told News 8 the dog had been there for two days.

She heard about News 8’s story, and her daughter brought the dog to the WOOD TV8 studio on College Avenue on Monday.

“Hi there,” Ray said when he saw O-G again for the first time. “I miss you. That’s him! Hi!”

As they were reunited, Ray told News 8, “I think I can go on now.”

“Good things do happen, you know?” Ray said. “I can tell everybody that’s true. It happened with the kidney, it happened with the dog, I don’t know what else I could want.”

Earlier Monday, Ray’s doctor told him his new kidney is working great.

“Transplant is doing great,” Ray said. “Kidney’s doing great. Now he’s doing great. This is too much good news in one day, I’ll tell you.”

Ray wants to thank everyone who helped him find his dog, saying it means the world to him.