GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A Christmas tradition continued in downtown Grand Rapids this Christmas.

The Rosinksi family in Grand Rapids joined with friends to deliver Christmas cheer, meals, snacks and warm clothing for the homeless.

They set up in front of Dégagé Ministries and served more than a hundred people.

The tradition began years ago with West Catholic High School Baseball Coach George Rosinski and his wife wanting to teach their three kids a life lesson about being fortunate and grateful for what they have.

Since then, it has grown and many in the community have pitched in to offer support.

“It’s like you and I have been there seeing our nephews and nieces and grandchildren on Christmas day or children opening up a gift and seeing that smile on their faces that day and then to come out here and to do it. And just to see the smiles and get the hugs and just see the warmness of the hearts, it doesn’t get any better. For the couple of hours, we’re out here, it warms the heart for a year,” Rosinki said.