GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce has announced it is launching a Diversity and Inclusion Council with the mission of creating a prosperous West Michigan for all.

According to the chamber, the council will meet three times a year and advise on inclusion initiatives that drive economic growth. Right now the council is made up of eight members from a variety of backgrounds. The Grand Rapids Chamber says the Inclusion Council represents its commitment to greater community impact.

“The Inclusion Council is important because we don’t want to get ahead of what our business needs are. We want to be far out enough — as our CEO Rick Baker says — that we can bring some leadership to what our businesses need in terms of the diversity, equity and inclusion. But we don’t want to be so far out that we lose the connection,” said Andre Daley, the director if inclusion for the chamber.

The first meeting of the council is scheduled to be in 2023.