GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The extended weekend meant businesses big and small decided to close shop for an extra day, but there were a handful in Grand Rapids who decided to see Labor Day as a typical workday.

Among them was cannabis shop Purple East on Plainfield Avenue NW.

“Being a small business, we really can’t afford to lose the opportunity for revenue,” president and co-owner Drew Phillippy said.

Purple East in Grand Rapids on Sept. 5. 2022.
Purple East in Grand Rapids on Sept. 5. 2022.

Phillippy added that any holiday is usually busy for Purple East and that was also the case Monday.

“We know that most of our clientele are people that are celebrating holidays,” Phillippy said. “People need the goods to take to those events, so we’re here to make those sacrifices, sometimes, to provide people with what they need for those experiences.”

Peppino’s restaurant on Ionia Avenue downtown was also open, though with limited hours. While Monday saw more takeout orders than walk-ins, manager and bartender Cameron Beals said Labor Day is busier than any typical weekday.

“We’ve had a good flow of people for the holiday weekend,” Beals said. “People are coming back from up north, there are families who don’t want to cook today, or whatever — we can contribute, help them out, feed them, give them a good time and place (to) watch sports, and hang out.”

Peppino’s began operating on Labor Day in 2020, when the pandemic was at its peak and it needed the business. Then 2021’s holiday was a success, so it decided to stay open this year, too.