GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The 50th Pulaski Days event concluded on Sunday with organizers reporting strong attendance numbers.

Staff members at Fifth Street Hall in Grand Rapids say the crowd sized returned to pre-pandemic levels.

The Polish heritage celebration features music, food and dancing. A parade was also among the many activities.

Photo gallery of the 50th Pulaski Days Parade:

Erica Post, who works on the Fifth Street Hall staff, said it is a great tradition to be a part of and to share with others.

“It’s kind of like a community. We all grow up together. You all support each other. We all typically have our main hall that we go to on a normal day basis but Pulaski Days kind of gets us out of our comfort zone and gets us to other halls,” Post said.

Kayla Boos, a member of the Fifth Street Hall, said they saw great interest, especially on Saturday.

“We were at capacity upstairs and downstairs multiple times. We had a line, for the public line, wrapped around the building. People waiting to get in,” Boos said.

The pandemic led to the event being canceled in 2020 and made for fewer people celebrating last year.

“It’s definitely busier this year. I mean we’ve been pretty steadily busy since Thursday night when we opened,” Post said.

Stacy Bruin, who serves as the recording secretary for the hall, says the 50th anniversary was a success.

“We’ve had a great turnout even pre-COVID. We’ve done phenomenal. Everyone has been kind, friendly. Celebrating their Polish heritage,” Bruin said.

Kelley Bussa attended the event for the first time and said she loved the festive atmosphere.

“We will come back again. It was so fun. The food was great. The people are kind. The music was amazing,” Bussa said.

Fifth Street Hall is the oldest Polish Hall in Grand Rapids and will be celebrating 150 years in November.

They plan to continue celebrating Pulaski Days for decades to come.

“It’s just a nice family-centered event and it’s nice to see that the next generation is being included and being brought up so that we can continue it for another 50 years hopefully,” Post said.