GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A person was assaulted and four people shot over the weekend on the popular Blue Bridge in downtown Grand Rapids.

According to Grand Rapids Police Department Chief Eric Winstrom, there was an illegal party that started Friday night on the bridge.

“Police officers were called because of disturbances there. They arrested a DJ who had actually set up on on the bridge. So there was a large group out there,” he said.

Chief Winstrom believes the assault took place during the party, which had over 100 people in attendance.

According to Grand Valley State University’s Department of Public Safety, officers received a report of the sexual assault on the bridge near the Pew Grand Rapids Campus.

It occurred between midnight and 1 a.m. on Saturday. The person who was assaulted did not know the suspect, who has not been found and arrested.

“I don’t have any information on the assault but that’s because it’s so preliminary in nature,” he said.

Chief Winstrom added the “impromptu party” also happened on Saturday night. It included some of the same individuals from the night before, plus some new faces.

“Saturday into Sunday there were also arrests. We towed cars. The officers were out there doing what they could to bring order and peace back to the area,” he said.

There were four adult men shot during the party. They are expected to survive.

“We’re not sure because it is early in the investigation what role they had and what sort of incident prompted this shooting to take place,” he said. “The detectives have been out even today collecting more video surveillance evidence. We have a lot to work with and we are pretty confident we will be able to bring this case to a just conclusion.”

Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. owns the Blue Bridge, according to the city.

Police made contact with members of the team this morning to discuss ways to make the bridge a safer place for everyone and to find solutions on how to minimze illegal activity.

Winstrom suggests adding signage would help.

“Even if it’s just to say, ‘You can only use this bridge to pass through. Only use the bridge actually as a bridge to walk on it.’ We don’t want people drinking alcohol and playing loud music at three in the morning. It’s creates disturbance and as we’ve seen dangerous situations,” he said.

The Blue Bridge isn’t the only place of concern. Crime in the downtown area is a growing problem that the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce is monitoring.

President Rick Baker says the chamber is working with the city and police to make sure business owners, the employees and customers feel safe. He added it’s been an ongoing effort for years.

“We want to address this before it gets worse or gets really bad,” he said. “Right now, the brand of Grand Rapids I think is a safe community but if we wait too long until that brand is changed, it takes a lot of work to convince people that we are a safe community.”

Starting this week, thousands of people will fill the streets of downtown for Artprize. There will be officers on patrol and on foot ensuring the event runs without issues.

“We will have many additional officers. You’ll see many more Grand Rapids police officers in uniform downtown at event locations making sure even if it’s just answering questions for people and ensuring traffic safety and in general the public is very safe,” Winstrom said.

Winstrom believes the public shouldn’t have any concerns about the bridge or downtown being an unsafe area to be.

“It’s a safe area and people coming down to Art Prize should be confident that it is a safe downtown,” he said. “This incident on the Blue Bridge I would like to point at with the shootings happened at 3 in the morning, part of this alcohol, impromptu party at the bridge. I think it’s important for people to just be aware of their situations and not to put themselves in a situation.”

Suspects haven’t been identified for the sexual assault ot shooting.

A description of the suspect for the assault is decribed as a female wearing a one-piece white spandex outfit with splashes of color on it with small straps on top and shorts on the bottom.