GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A new exhibit will open Friday at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum that will look at the history of guitars within the United States.

The “America At The Crossroads: The Guitar And A Changing Nation” exhibit features 40 guitars and musical instruments, video clips and historical movements throughout the ages.

“Our core exhibit explores the life of Gerald. R Ford and this exhibit allows us to contextualize that with a broader examination of American history,” said Ford Museum Curator Dr. Mirelle Luecke. It looks at the nation’s history and popular culture using the lens of its most popular instrument — the guitar.

The exhibit explores concepts like immigration, slavery, the youth movement and economic battles between nations, Luecke said.

HP Newquist, the executive director of the Guitar Museum said it also explores the “history of electricity and history of technological development.”

The exhibit opens Friday, Jan. 27. It runs through May 28.