GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Local floral shops are urging people to order early as they work to fulfill Valentine’s Day orders amid ongoing supply chain issues.

At Southside Flower Market in Breton Village, florists spent Wednesday afternoon preparing pink, red and purple bouquets of flowers for the hundreds of holiday orders they received.

They say getting the classic dozen red roses this year may prove to be more difficult than previous years.

“I think in the beginning, it started last year with a lot of growers with the pandemic and businesses being closed. A lot of them had to cut back their growing and so now that business has picked back up and we’re opening and I think it’s just a catch up. So is the supply chain getting through the ports,” said Renee Koops, one of the shop owners.

Koops says there have been times when delivery trucks carrying shipments of flowers don’t make their anticipated delivery date so smaller shops like theirs are working with what they have.

“We can’t promise particular flowers, so we’re doing Valentine’s colors. We’re sticking with pastels and bright flowers and so it’s really just kind of being able to source and get everything in. What we got in will hopefully carry us through the weekend,” said Koops.

The staff at Southside say if customers are flexible, there are other options too.

“I would say go for the tulips,” said co-owner Missie Polakovich. “We have plenty of tulips. Roses are popular, we just might not have the red. Red has been pretty hard to get so consider going with different colors. That will help you too.”

Down the road at Eastern Floral, things are busy too. The staff there say they have about 1,000 orders for the day of Feb. 14 alone.

“This is one of our busiest single one-day holidays that is a part of our industry,” said owner Bing Goei.

Goei says while Eastern Floral has been able to secure a good supply of all flowers — including red roses — the cost of those flowers will be higher this year.

“The cost has to increase, and the increase comes basically because of supply chain issues, transportation, staffing issues. All those are factors,” said Goei.

Florists say this year it’s especially important that customers order early.

“If you want something very specific, because you know your loved one has a love for, say, miniature cala lilies, which is a rare flower, we will have it for you, but you have to order it early,” said Goei.

For more information on Southside Flower Market or Eastern Floral, visit the company’s websites.