GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Christian Reformed Church in North America will sell its main office in Grand Rapids, the denomination announced Tuesday, citing finances and a need for flexibility.

The building, located at 1700 28th St. SE, will be listed for sale this fall, according to a release from the CRCNA. The denomination has used the space for over 65 years.

The decision to sell was, in part, financial: The CRCNA’s U.S. ministry board decided it would be financially unwise to remain in the building, the release said.

“The building’s infrastructure is aging, and its ongoing maintenance is becoming financially unsustainable,” Dan DeKam, director of U.S. ministry operations for the CRCNA, said in a statement.

Moreover, the CRCNA said its staff members have begun to work more flexibly since the COVID-19 pandemic, and the denomination itself is moving toward a less centralized, more flexible ministry structure. The denomination said the Grand Rapids office no longer suits its needs.

“The building at 1700 28th Street is too big and doesn’t have flexibility for the future,” DeKam said. “The property, especially being at the 28th Street and Kalamazoo corner, is also likely worth more to someone else.”

The CRCNA has not yet chosen a new location, but staff members are exploring several possibilities, according to the release.

The denomination said its new space will be smaller and more efficient than its current space. It will also be accessible and flexible.