GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A new short film made by a group of students in Grand Rapids is using art to get across a message about public health.

“The Kingdom of Remedy: A fable” was made by teen artists working with the West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology. The young filmmakers used puppets and other props, including Legos, to make a movie designed to promote confidence in COVID-19 vaccines.

The center was one of 30 arts and culture organizations across the country to receive support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention foundation.

The movie will now be featured in an exhibition at the David J. Sencer CDC Museum in Atlanta.

“Our aim is really to help to develop creative confidence — and that’s going to translate in whatever our young people desire to do next — as well as leverage the arts to amplify their voices on issues that matter to them,” Jamon Alexander, the WMCAT president and CEO, said. “We talk quite a bit about the power of art, and how art can really invite new perspectives and help us reimagine possibilities  and inspire change in our communities.”

If you’ve like to see the short film, you can check it out on the West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology website.