GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — There was a trip around the world in the Grand Rapids Public Museum on Saturday with more than 40 different cultural organizations from West Michigan coming together.

The Cultural Heritage Festival was from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The organizations were able to share with the community the country they represent, their connection to West Michigan and some groups had singing, dancing and fashion performances. 

One of the groups at the event was Korean Connection, a nonprofit that educates about the ties between the people of Korea, the United States and Michigan. The group also invited a Korean veteran to talk about his experience in the Korean War and the importance of the relationship between Korea and the U.S. Members of the group said this festival helped bring the community together. 

“I think an event like this is so important because it brings people together and this time of year and the way things are going throughout the world. It’s so good to interact with all these cultures and see the variety, but then also the similarities that we all have,” Connie Busser, president of Korean Connection, said. 

The Grand Rapids Asian Pacific Foundation was another organization at the festival. It is a nonprofit focused on bringing together the community to celebrate, educate and foster Asian Americans’ and Pacific Islanders’ heritage in West Michigan. Ace Marasigan, the founder of the foundation, said this event was a way for people to get out of their shells and show off their culture. 

“Just enjoying themselves, being able to express who they are, tell people who they are, so for me that is very important to have spaces like this in Grand Rapids,” Marasigan said. 

Festival goers were able to walk through the museum and see the exhibits, as well as the tables set up by the cultural organizations. The festival was included with general admission.