GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — If you’re planning to host friends and family for a Thanksgiving meal, you’ll want to prepare for some potential sticker shock on the basic items that make up a Thanksgiving dinner.

Inflation has gripped a lot of things, but food prices are probably one of the biggest.

The average price of a classic Thanksgiving meal for 10 is up 20% compared to last year, according to the Farm Bureau’s annual survey of Thanksgiving dinner costs. Back in 2020, the average cost for a 10 person Thanksgiving meal was around $47. In 2021, it went up to just over $53 and today, the average cost has topped $64.

The major driving factor is the cost of a turkey. The Farm Bureau’s survey found that a 16-pound bird will cost you just south of $30 that’s up 21%, or $1.81 per pound.

But it’s not just the turkey that’s gobbling up your money. Ernie Birthmeier, senior industry relation specialist at the Michigan Farm Bureau, says other food costs are up.

“We’re also seeing increases in items such as butter, pie crust, vegetables, milk, dairy product, everything is up. A lot of that due to just general inflation, the cost of transportation, and really the cost of the packaging. They all play a major factor in the increase in our food costs,” Birthmeier said.

He added that prices have softened in the time since the survey.

“The survey was taken a couple of weeks ago, and since that time we’ve actually seen prices come down and in many instances the cost of turkey has come down,” Birthmeier said.

Amid the high prices, he said you can try to stretch your dollar in a few ways when prepping for holiday meals.

“Make sure you’re getting online and checking out the cost of items before you go out and do your buying. Don’t do impulse buying,” said Birthmeier.

Prepackaged items many times cost more and he advised it may be cheaper to buy fresh vegetables and cook them if you’re able.