GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — On Thursday evening, an expungement resource fair in Grand Rapids aims to help nonviolent cannabis offenders.

From 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., Pharmhouse Wellness, along with The Redemption Foundation and Great Lakes Expungement Network, will work with those interested in cleaning their record of those nonviolent crimes to gain better access to opportunities that may not be there otherwise.

“Having a cannabis manufacturing charge on my record and then a misdemeanor possession charge is a little bit ironic now because I’m the owner of a retail shop that does this legally,” Casey Kornoelje, founder and CEO of Pharmhouse Wellness, said.

Kornoelje and Redemption Foundation board member Chris Silva joined the WOOD TV8 Live Desk Thursday morning to share their involvement in this expungement fair and why stories like Kornoelje’s are important. Silva took the time to explain the Redemption Foundation and Great Lakes Expungement Network and how they help with those nonviolent offenses.

“The Great Lakes Expungement network is a nonprofit whose sole mission is to help people pursue expungements that they qualify for, and you can get those executed 100% fee-free,” said Silva.

Kornoelje said the cannabis community was built and formed by people willing to step out on a limb to help, and he’s fortunate to have groups like the ones involved in this resource fair to assist others in clearing their records.

“To be able to take some of the negatives that I experienced for so many years of my life and then to take these small steps to turn those into positives and help people to clean their records and have a cleaner opportunity going forward, it means a lot,” said Kornoelje.

Pharmhouse Wellness is located at 831 Wealthy St. SW Grand Rapids, MI 49504.