GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Humane Society of West Michigan is asking for donations after receiving a dog who was shot multiple times.

The shelter says they received Reba the beagle recently. After noticing she was uncomfortable, they ran an X-ray, discovering she had been shot at some point.

“It’s not fun when you do an X-ray and think, hmm she’s uncomfortable. (Then) to discover over 80 buckshot pellets lodged in her body,” said Brianna Shaly with the Humane Society of West Michigan. “Unfortunately, we don’t know too much about Reba’s actual story. She was a transfer to us. There was a shelter in the south that received her originally and she just had way too many issues going on for them to be able to support her.”

The 2-year-old puppy is now being housed at the Humane Society on Wilson Drive NW. They say on top of being shot multiple times, the dog is dealing with severe deformities in her hips.

The shelter says there’s no feasible way to remove the 80-plus pellets, but they are hoping to get Reba a femoral head ostectomy, or FHO surgery. The surgery involves removing a portion of the femur bone to make the canine more comfortable.

“She’s not eligible for a whole hip replacement because her hips have formed so much scar tissue, and so we are looking at getting her expert help,” Shaly said.

The Humane Society posted Reba’s story to its Facebook page at the beginning of August, hoping to raise money for the costly surgery.

Reba’s story has gained a lot of traction so far. The shelter says as of Thursday, she’s almost at her goal of $5,000.

“We are a Humane Society, and we want to support every animal that we can to the best of their interests. So even though Reba is a tough case, we think she is a good case,” Shaly said. “We’re doing everything we can for her because she’s so sweet and she really deserves it.”

The Humane Society says they’re working to get Reba the hip surgery as soon as possible. She has an appointment lined up in September to see if she’d be eligible for surgery.

The shelter says they hope to find her forever home soon after. If Reba is not eligible for surgery, the shelter says they plan to use the money for the care of another animal.