GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Early Sunday morning we lost an hour of sleep but gained an hour of sunlight as the clocks sprang forward for daylight saving time. With the time change, there are once again debates on whether or not it should continue.

Changing the clocks twice a year has become quite a nuisance for many people.

“I think it’s a little old fashion, a little antiquated at this point in time. So I would be in favor of just kind of keeping the time straight through the year,” said Ted Havens, a person visiting Grand Rapids.

“Thank God my phone keeps track of it, otherwise I’d miss it every time,” said Michael Schwer, a Grand Rapids resident.

As people want the time changes to end, there are questions on whether it’s best to spring forward or fall back for good.

“See that’s tough because I’m a runner, I love to run in the sunlight. I also love the summer when it’s 9 o’clock and it’s still sunny,” Havens said.

In congress, the Sunshine Protection Act was recently re-introduced, which would make daylight saving time permanent, ending the need to turn clocks backward in November. It was first introduced last year, where it passed in the Senate but didn’t make it out of the House.

Lawmakers that support the legislation say it would help the economy and make way more activity, but doctors warn daylight savings could be costly for health.

“We do know that on an individual and public health level, there are many concerns that are tied to daylight savings time,” said Dr. Anita Shelgikar, sleep neurologist with University of Michigan Health.

Doctors say springing forward causes our bodies to become out of alignment with our internal clock, leading to a number of risks.

“For car accidents, for hospital admissions, there’s a higher rate of medical errors,” Shelgikar said.

According to Shelgikar, many health experts believe the permanent standard time is the better option, which would end the March time change and allow for more sunlight in the morning.

Some community members say they hope changing the clock becomes a thing of the past, one way or the other.

“Seems like it’s just one more thing that’s confusing in busy schedules, I think simplicity’s best,” Schwer said.

Shelgikar said if you don’t feel refreshed after getting a proper amount of sleep, it may be time to contact your healthcare provider.