CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Waiting and wondering: a scene becoming all too familiar to air travelers these days.

Todd and Vanessa Hyrns, scheduled for a flight to Tampa this morning from Gerald R. Ford International Airport, woke up to find their flight was canceled due to the Federal Aviation Administration-ordered stoppage.

“I was on my phone on the way down here, trying to find another flight. And we’re like, ‘Do we book another flight? What do we do?’” said Vanessa Hyrns.

It wasn’t a vacation flight they’d scheduled. Todd Hyrns needs specialized thyroid surgery offered by a Tampa Hospital.

They’ve been planning the trip for six months, well aware of the Christmas holiday air travel debacle that stranded flyers at airport across the country.

“We’ve kind of been watching the news to see that things have been going really smooth and we’re good. No weather events out there. Airlines are catching up. It’s all good. We’re good,” said Vanessa Hyrns.

Hoping to get lucky with another flight, the couple headed to Ford Airport Wednesday morning.
When they arrived, their luck seemed to have improved.

“We went to the desk and they rescheduled us and we’re just going to be leaving a couple of hours later and arriving a couple of hours later. Assuming that goes well, everything should be great,” said Todd Hyrns.

But if air travelers have learned anything these days, don’t assume anything. Six percent of flights out of Ford Airport Wednesday were canceled. Fifteen percent were delayed.

A few hours after the Hyrnses rescheduled the flight came the disappointment.

“Now they’ve canceled our next flights, and now there’s no way to get to Tampa today,” said Todd Hyrns after learning their rebooked flight was no more.

“A lot heart breaking,” said Vanessa Hyrns.

“This has been a six-month planning to get scheduled for this. Now we’re not doing it tomorrow,” said Todd Hyrns.

They’ll reschedule the surgery, but not the flight.

“We’re looking at driving,” said Todd Hyrns. “We’re not going to go through this again.”