GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Grand Rapids has updated preliminary estimates for what the downtown riot on May 30 and 31 cost the city, now putting the total at $2,069,729.61.

The grand total is broken down into structural damage and damage to city departments.


The city says the total estimate for structural damage is $748,000.

A damage assessment team put damage estimates for buildings at $448,000.

Kent County’s 82 Ionia facility had damage to the internal sprinkler system, estimated at about $300,000 in damages.

The city is still waiting on an assessment from the insurance company, which could take a few more weeks.


Damage to city departments is estimated at $1,321,720.61, officials say, including the cost of equipment and employee response to the riot.

Mobile GR, which is over transportation is Grand Rapids, estimated a total of $5,532.04 in damages:

  • Employee costs: $2,906.04
  • Equipment costs: $2,626

The Design, Development and Community Engagement department — the building division — estimated overtime costs for employees at $1,210.

The Grand Rapids Police Department estimated a total of $1,200,922.76 in damages:

  • Employee overtime: $503,141.73
  • Supplies: $101,348.41
  • Equipment: $351,432.41
  • Vehicles: $245,000

The Grand Rapids Fire Department estimated $56,725.81 in employee overtime costs.

The Public Works Department estimated a total of $57,330 in damages:

  • Equipment: $48,300
  • Miscellaneous and waste disposal: $760
  • Employee overtime costs: $8,270.

The city notes that these are rough estimates. The totals were sent to the state in regards to declaring a state of emergency.

The Downtown Development Authority on Wednesday allotted more than $218,000 to help businesses damaged in the riot.