GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — While it is always a good time for ice cream, The Parlor at Cherry Hill Market is sitting this season out.

The owner, Eric Marcellus, said it is in part due to supply chain issues.

At the end of last summer, The Parlor’s ice cream freezer broke. When Marcellus went to order a new one this Spring, there were none available.

The specific freezer the shop needs won’t arrive until October 22, according to the sign posted at Cherry Hill Market, the store attached to The Parlor.

Marcellus says there were other factors that played into their decision not to open this summer.

“With that being said, there’s the employee issue, the fact that Covid is ramping up again, everything going up in price,” Marcellus said. “(So, we decided) we just would hold off for a year and see where things were for 2023.”

He said the labor shortage has also been a challenge in running the next-door market.

“Back in 2010, when we were going through the financial crisis, I was working 100 hours a week just to meet my financial obligations. Now, it’s 2022, I’m working 100 hours a week just because we don’t have employees … it’s a totally different dynamic,” he said.

Marcellus hopes to reopen next summer. Until then, he is encouraging customers to take their business down the street to Furniture City Creamery.