GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — After 13 years in service, Brick Road Pizza Co. has announced that it will be closing its doors.

“We literally built a restaurant from nothing. Our blood, sweat, & tears went into it,” a post on the restaurant’s Facebook page said to announced the closure.

The owners looked back on fond memories including building the business and a time in 2019 when they had to shut down ordering because the ovens were full.

When the pandemic began, the restaurant turned to takeout before reopened for dine in with precautions. Items were dropped off the menu, costs were cut and DoorDash was added, but the Facebook post said it wasn’t enough. Customers began coming in smaller numbers and employees were lost. The post added that the restaurant has had a hard time finding new employees.

“All the things on the radar that would potentially bring us down, a pandemic was not on it,” the post said. “…As much as we’d like to hang on, emotionally and financially we’re spent.”

The restaurant will be offering takeout only this Tuesday through Sunday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. The final day of business is Sunday. The owners added that this could be cut if staffing is low.

“We’d like to thank each and every one who has stepped through our doors for the last 13 years. We deeply appreciate all the love and kindness all have shown us. Our children who have grown up inside Brick Road. All of our family, whether blood or past employees who remain family. None of this was possible without you and we’ll remember you fondly as we move on to our next chapter in this life,” the post said.