GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A small Grandville brewery has bought a nearly 5,000-square-foot building along South Division Avenue in Grand Rapids, hoping to be part of the area’s revitalization effort.

Arvon Brewing Co., which first started selling craft beer in 2017, has quickly outgrown its humble 700-square-foot production center in a Grandville warehouse that has capacity for only eight people.

“Due to the size of our production center, it’s been pretty hard for people to get our product at times.” co-founder Brett Bristol said. “Currently there’s only 18 places that we rotate through and we really struggle to keep their taps filled.”

The new location not only will allow Arvon to double production, but it will also add a taproom for the first time.

“We’re excited to be a part of the Beer City community. That’s got a lot of people are excited. They come to Grand Rapids for Beer City, USA,” Bristol said. “Now they’ll be able to walk into our taproom and get their beer and try different things that we have rather than try to chase it around town and see if they can find it.”

It will be an attraction for an area that currently lacks one. In the last month, the South Division Corridor Plan, focusing on neighborhood revitalization, closed its pop-up location along the road.

“That location was only temporary,” city spokesperson Steve Guitar said. “Our revitalization plan remains clear and now heads to public review in November.”

The opening of Arvon was not part of the initial revitalization plan, but the brewery hopes to play a part in bringing life to their new home.

“What really builds a community is an economy,” Bristol said. “So we’re really excited to be a small part of the economy and be able to give back to the community.”

He and co-founder Jake Stanko say they’ll do that by welcoming local food trucks to the property and by hiring local companies to produce merchandise promoting the brewery.

“We’re really excited to be a part of the South Division community. We really want to embrace the community,” Bristol said. “We’re excited to be able to work with the community in that revitalization and be a small part of the redevelopment there.”

The brewery has finalized its lease. It hopes to move in by November and open its taproom shortly thereafter.