GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — As construction continues on the $25 million Boston Square Community Hub, Amplify GR and other developers are looking for local workers to build the center that aims to transform their neighborhood.

“Pour into and actually build the visions that they have envisioned for the neighborhood,” said Latesha Lipscomb, Amplify GR‘s director of engagement and community relations. “This is truly full circle.”

The project is at the heart of the nonprofit’s multistep vision to reshape the Boston Square neighborhood. By late next year or early 2025, the old Revolution Church building on Kalamazoo Avenue SE at Ramona Street is expected to become the Community Hub, a two-story, 40,000-square-foot building.

“That is the absolute hope, is that people from the neighborhood that actually envisioned this and dreamed about this community center will play a vital role in building a brick, wiring the electric or having something to do with the execution and the full-on implementation of the Community Hub,” Lipscomb said.

Amplify GR says the hub is based on what neighbors have long asked for. An early childhood center is expected to open inside in January of next year, accepting up to 80 children between 5 weeks and 5 years old. The group is also looking to team up with a health care provider to open a clinic and wellness center late next year.

On Thursday night, Amplify GR, Rockford Construction and other developers offered on-the-spot interviews to anyone, regardless of experience. In addition to building the hub, companies offered other opportunities in building and electric work in Kent County and beyond. The goal is to create a path forward to increase hiring from the neighborhood. Lipscomb called the effort “hyper-focused on local hiring.”

“We really believe that in order to change the trajectory of neighbors’ lives in the community that we serve, we have to have an extra special focus on employment and economic opportunity,” Lipscomb said.

Some workers could start as soon as two weeks from now, others later in the year.

“To provide people with jobs that offer a livable wage, jobs that are felony friendly, jobs that can really help improve quality of life for neighbors in a real way is something we’re really honored and privileged to be a part of,” Lipscomb said.

If you missed Thursday night’s event, the groups plan on holding another hiring event at 1460 Kalamazoo Ave. on May 2. Amplify GR is also inviting the community to check out to the Community Hub at 1489 Kalamazoo Ave. on April 26 and celebrate the start of construction.