GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — What some may consider an unlikely friendship between a Grand Rapids mail carrier and an energetic golden retriever has brought smiles to thousands around the world.

If you’re not following on Instagram, you should probably start.

The account chronicles the daily activities of the Gruszynski family’s 2-year-old pup Moose.

One of his best friends, besides his new baby brother, is Mr. Mailman.

Earlier this year, a video Meghan Gruszynski captured of the two interacting in their front yard went viral, skyrocketing Moose’s Instagram account to more than 29,000 followers.

“There’s so much love that circulates from that friendship,” Meghan told News 8.

An added layer that tugs at the heartstrings: Mr. Mailman, who appreciates his privacy, told News 8 his own dog passed away around the same time Moose’s house was added to his new route in January.

“He says that Moose reminds him so much of his dog when he was a young pup,” Gruszynski explained.

Videos of their friendship have garnered views and followers from all over, even earning a spot on the news in South Korea.

The family enjoys knowing so many people appreciate Moose and Mr. Mailman.

“It makes our days just as much as it makes everyone else’s,” Gruszynski said. “We’ve got a special thing going on.”