GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Neighbors described a horrific scene inside the apartment of a man found dead Friday morning.

“…The house was covered in blood. There was drag marks. It looked like his body got dragged, and in the bedroom, there was splatters on the wall,” Cheyanne Guajardo, a neighbor who helped with the cleanup, recalled.

Guajardo and her husband Jace Loar said their neighbors, Alevandro and Belinda Williams, moved to Oak Park Apartments a few months back.

The affordable housing complex is located near the intersection of Kendall Street and Kalamazoo Avenue north of 44th Street SE. 

“They’ve been cool people. We go and we say hi. His wife always brings us new shoes for our daughter … They’ve always been nice people. I don’t understand why this would happen to him,” Loar said.

On Friday morning, Alevandro Williams, 60, was found dead inside the apartment he shared with his wife. The Grand Rapids Police Department said it’s investigating the death as suspicious, but the Grand Rapids Crime Map labeled it as a homicide. A law enforcement source confirmed to News 8 that Williams did suffer obvious trauma.

The neighbors told News 8 that the couple had been letting a younger man, a relative, stay with them. The two men had been home alone when the relative called the police Friday morning to say Alevandro Williams was down.

Guajardo said the relative told her that he had gotten out of the shower and seen the blood. He said he “had no idea what was going on.”

After talking with the police, the relative returned wearing what the neighbors described as “jail scrubs.”

“I had started asking questions like, ‘Were you arrested? Why did they take you?’ He wasn’t arrested, he was just taken in for his witness statement, but they took all of his clothes,” Guajardo said.

The neighbors said that when the victim’s wife, Belinda Williams, got back home, she was met with a blood-covered house.

“Nobody should have to come home and clean up the blood of their loved one off the floor. Nobody should – already be grieving – and come home and see the mess,” Guajardo declared, adding that there should be a non-profit organization dedicated to helping in such situations. “It’s hard enough that her husband is dead and her house is now forever tainted with his murder.” 

Guajardo, who helped to clean the apartment, noted that the Williams struggled financially.

“She doesn’t even have insurance to bury her husband,” Guajardo said.

She’s hoping someone will come forward to help by donating money, as well as a queen-sized mattress in good condition.

If you want to help, you can contact Brookside Christian Reformed Church, where Alevandro and Belinda Williams attended. You can reach the church by sending an email to

No new information has been released by GRPD. Anyone with information should contact GRPD at 616.456.3380 or Silent Observer at 616.774.2345 or