GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — If you’re looking to connect and build relationships in the Belknap Park neighborhood, you’ll have the chance to do so over the next several weeks.

In a joint effort, community groups like Neighbors of Belknap Lookout and the Dispute Resolution Center of West Michigan are looking to help the neighborhood practice healthy interpersonal relationships through restorative practices training.

“Those issues of relationships and getting back to basics and sort of learning or retooling your communication skills I think can benefit all of us at this time,” Christine Gilman, executive director of the Dispute Resolution Center of West Michigan, said at the WOOD TV8 Live Desk Thursday morning.

The sessions are free and do not require registration. They will take place at Coit Park near the playground. If weather is to impact any of these sessions, they will move them to the Coit Creative Arts Academy at 617 Coit Ave. NE.

Each module stands on its own with a general focus. They are as follows:

  • April 28: What makes a good neighbor?
  • May 5: Who do I think you are?
  • May 12: Bringing it home
  • May 19: Restorative problem solving
  • May 26: Restoring vs. punishing
  • June 2: Where do we go from here?

“You can come to one, you can come to all six,” Neighbors of Belknap Lookout staff member Elianna Bootzin said.

“We’ll do community building circles at the beginning just to learn about who’s there, where they’re from,” added Gilman.

Learn more about the sessions here.