GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The medical examiner has determined that the death of a Grand Rapids man last week was the result of homicide.

The Grand Rapids Police Department confirmed Tuesday that the death of Alevandro Williams, 60, had been ruled a homicide after an autopsy was conducted. The department’s online crime map had already labeled the case a homicide.

Williams was found dead Friday morning in his home at Oak Park Apartments in the area of Kendall Street SE and Kalamazoo Avenue. Police initially described the death as suspicious, pending the autopsy. A law enforcement source previously confirmed to News 8 that Williams suffered obvious trauma.

Neighbors described a bloody scene.

“…The house was covered in blood. There was drag marks. It looked like his body got dragged, and in the bedroom, there was splatters on the wall,” Cheyanne Guajardo, a neighbor who helped with the cleanup, told News 8.

Neighbors said one of Williams’ relatives, a young man, had been staying with him and his wife. The two men were home alone with then relative called police to report Williams was down. Guajardo said the relative told her that he had gotten out of the shower and seen the blood. He said he “had no idea what was going on.” The relative was taken in for questioning and when he returned told neighbors that police confiscated his clothes.

GRPD said Tuesday that its investigation is ongoing.