GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Activists once again stepped up to speak at Tuesday night’s Grand Rapids City Commission meeting, upset about the commission’s response to policing in Grand Rapids and Patrick Lyoya’s death.

Several activists brought up the incident at the meeting two weeks ago, when Commissioner Jon O’Connor walked out of the meeting cussing after people interrupted a woman speaking in favor of police.

They said the commission’s response to O’Connor walking out showed a double standard.

“Mayor Bliss, many times over and over you’ve admonished us about decorum. However, I invite you to hold your own committee to the same standards,” one woman said.

“There’s a lot of double standards on this commission,” another person at the meeting said. “Somebody says a cuss word up here and you (Mayor Rosalynn Bliss) threaten to kick them out and get them arrested. But when your commissioner, who was elected to this office, agreed to the rules of this office, sits up there every day and talks about how he’s a commissioner, told a citizen — somebody who he represents — to ‘(expletive) off,’ and that he was ‘tired of this … (expletive)’ I think that you should be taking severe consequences against the commissioner who does that.”

O’Connor did issue a statement in response to his actions at that meeting, apologizing for his use of inappropriate language. He also said in part, “This group of individuals and their supporters have crossed a line, making it difficult to seek compromise and pursue positive outcomes for the community.”