GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Ashley Young’s parents are less than pleased with the plea deal for Jared Chance’s mother.

“They both knew and yet they get a deal. Because why? Why would they get a deal?” said Kristine Young, Ashley’s mother.

The Young family feels the punishment does not fit the crime.  

“What they did was excusable,” Kristine Young said. “They (James and Barbara Chance) know right from wrong. The reason we are here is their son, because they didn’t’ parent. If they would have parented their child, we wouldn’t be here. My daughter would still be alive.”

Ashley Young 120218_1543797265615.jpg.jpg
An undated courtesy photo of Ashley Young.

Kristine Young added that the no-contest plea stings.

“They take no responsibility for anything,” she said.

This was the second Christmas without Ashley. A giant “Joy” sign sits in the family’s front yard in Grand Haven. The letters are painted with pink sparkles, which was Ashley’s favorite.

“The reason it says “Joy” is because Ashley was our joy,” said Dana Nelson, Ashley’s stepmother.

Their joy was taken from them. Now they want justice; something they feel was not served Monday.

“I think mom (Barbara Chance) belongs in prison, just as much as dad (James Chance),” said Kristine Young. “To me, she is not a mom, she is not, because if you are a mom you treat, no, you teach your children to be better individuals, to be good humans. Obviously, they didn’t teach that to (Jared Chance), because he is a direct product of them.”

barbara and james chance mug shots 121118_1544659672601.jpg.jpg
Booking photos of Barbara Chance and James Chance, parents of convicted killer Jared Chance.

Time is supposed to heal. But for this family, the longer they go without Ashley’s smiling face and warm embrace, the worse they feel.

“Everything gets harder, it doesn’t get easier,” Kristine Young said.  

Ashley’s family hopes that James Chance serves prison time. They’re still holding out hope that someone will tell them where her missing remains are located.

“Barbara, if you are watching this, do the right thing as a mother. It’s not too late to tell us what happened to our daughter,” Nelson said.