GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A group is working with the city of Grand Rapids to revitalize Sullivan Field, formerly known as Valley Field, and create a park for everyone.

Fans of Valley Field is the group pushing to restore the baseball field.

Sullivan Field was built in the 1930s and is in need of some help, according to Steve Tibbe, director of operations for Fans of Valley Field.

“We swooped in to try and help fundraise and build awareness,” Tibbe said.

The first phase of improvements includes working on the roof and grandstand, according to Paul Soltysiak, vice president and co-founder of Fans of Valley Field.

Tibbe told News 8 that many of the group’s volunteers are neighbors who live in the area.

“They’re really excited that we’re actually engaging the community and doing events at the ballpark, because it brings life to the community,” Tibbe said.

According to Soltysiak, there’s value in expanding the function of Sullivan Field.

“It’s always going to be a baseball facility first, first and foremost. But let’s bring people in here, and they can really — they can walk around in the outfield. They can, you know, smell the grass and be able to enjoy the park as a park, too,” Soltysiak said.

On Saturday, Soltysiak said, the Grand Rapids Symphony will play at the park.

Tibbe told News 8 that Fans of Valley Field wants to work with groups both big and small, like local businesses and art vendors.

“We want this to be truly a park for all,” Tibbe said.

More information about Fans of Valley Field is available online.